How to Make a Man Love You Endlessly

Couple in loveWe’ve all been there. In love with an amazing man who just doesn’t seem that into us. It’s happened to me and I’m not too proud to say it hurt. I was crazy about the guy and while he seemed into me when we were together, I sometimes wouldn’t hear anything from him for days after we had a date. I’d get nervous, anxious and I did things that I now regret. Calling him endlessly asking him out again and sending him flowers are just two of the cringe worthy things I did that jump to mind.

I knew he was the guy for me though so I was determined to get him to care as deeply for me as I did for him. The problem was that all my good intentions were only causing him to be scared off. I was too intense, and he spotted it immediately.

All of my single friends had words of wisdom that they gladly tossed in my direction. I should have realized back then that they were single, so they likely weren’t the best guides when it came to getting a man to love me.That’s when I had an epiphany. I realized that if I truly wanted him to love me deeply, that I had to learn exactly what men found utterly irresistible in women. I had to gain some insight into what makes a man fall head over heels for a certain woman.

If you adore a man and you want him to fall hopelessly in love with you – you need to learn how to ignite such a deep passion in him that he can’t help but crave you.

I got my happy ending – the man I was so wild about is now my husband and the father of my two children.

 Mistakes Women Make With Men

As much as you need to learn what works when it comes to getting a man to love you, there are also several things that you absolutely must avoid doing. So many women mistakenly think they are doing things that will impress a man, when they’re actually pushing him farther away.

Here are several things you want to AVOID doing if you’re trying to win a man’s heart:

Ask for a commitment too soon. Most men don’t even consider the possibility of a serious boyfriend doesnt love merelationship during the first few months of dating. Their minds just don’t work that way. They enjoy the dating experience and if a woman starts talking about marriage, kids and the happily-ever-after ending too soon, a man is sure to bolt. Don’t rush anything with a man you’re deeply interested in. You don’t want to scare him away before you’ve had a chance to let him fall for you.

Give more of yourself than you’re comfortable with. Some women go out of their way to do everything possible for the man they adore. They’ll cancel plans with girlfriends, just to sit next to him while he watches a football game because he wanted to “hang out.” Or they’ll change the color or length of their hair because he likes brunettes better. Doing anything like this only shows a man that you value him more than you. You may think a man will find that appealing, but he won’t. Men don’t want women who are willing to alter their entire lives for them.

Try and make him jealous. It may seem logical that jealousy would be a great tool to get a man to want you more, but it’s actually a fast way to end a budding relationship. Most men want no part of a romantic triangle and if he feels that you’re even slightly interested in another man, he may just decide that you’re not worth the trouble. Don’t talk about or mention any other potential suitors when you’re with the man of your dreams. He won’t take kindly to it and it may mean the end of his interest in you.

If you’re serious about getting him to love you, you need to learn how to make him obsess over you and crave you endlessly.

Get Him to Want You Forever

capture his heartSecretly, we all dream of the fairytale where the wonderfully handsome Prince Charming scoops us up his arms and away into a life of love and commitment. It seems like it’s a fantasy because the majority of women, have absolutely no clue how to capture the heart of a man.

Think about your own past dating experiences. Did you just follow your inner instinct when it came to building an emotional bond? Did you make some mistakes along the way? Are you content with where your romantic life is at this point in time? Chances are good that you’re not in a fulfilling, loving and mutually satisfying relationship.

That’s not your fault and anyone who tells you it is, is sadly mistaken. The fact is that most of us have absolutely no idea how to successfully win the heart of a man. We allow our better judgment to guide us and sometimes that’s all caught up in the web of infatuation that we feel for the man we just met.

I was guilty of many of the common mistakes that women make in relationships. I came on too strong too fast. I chased after a man who didn’t show all that much interest in me and I forgave a man for his countless transgressions with other women all because I thought he would somehow see that I was the perfect woman for him.

We all learn most of our major life skills from others. We take cues from the people who are important to us. But when it comes to love, most of us don’t have a responsible, thoughtful and insightful guide.

If you want to build a strong bond with a man, you have to learn what he needs from you. You have to truly understand what his soul and heart craves. Once you have a clear understanding of that, the sky is the limit. You can successfully capture the attention, and get a guy to want youeventually the heart of the man you choose.

Take a few minutes to watch this insightful video about men and what their core romantic needs are. Once you can understand that, you can transform your relationship with any man.

Life is very short and our chances at true, deep love and often very fleeting. You don’t want to be the girl who has regrets and you don’t want to be sitting alone a decade from now wondering what you could have done differently with him.

Watch the video, absorb the information and get ready to completely change your connection with the man you adore. He can love you as much as you want him to. It’s within your grasp.

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How to Get a Man to Adore You

make a man adore youIt’s only been one date and you are already feeling something strong for him. Maybe it scares you a little but you should know that it’s not uncommon. Often times, all it takes is just one date to find the person you are meant for. So if you feel like you have found him but are unsure whether he feels the same way, follow these tips. Find out how to make a man fall in love with you fast without risking your chances with him.

The last thing any girl wants is to find Mr. Right but scare him off by telling him how you feel too fast. If you feel the urge to call him up and ask him out on another date, just wait. It has only been a few days or weeks since the two of you met, and you want to tell him you love him. Unless you want him to go off running and never come back, be sure you do not tell him those three words just yet. You feel he is the one for you so you want to avoid doing something that would scare him off for good. Most women don’t realize that it actually takes men a bit longer to fall in love. They need more interactions and conversations before their hearts start to open up.

Remember that he may not feel the same as you, just yet. You want to wait sometime make my boyfriend love mebefore you start telling him how you feel. Going out with him on a regular basis is enough to let him know you are interested in him. And he will get even more obvious signs from you when the two of you begin kissing more and more. So remember that in most cases, your actions do speak louder than words and unless he has no clue about relationships, he already knows you like him. So don’t feel the rush to have to tell him you love him. He is going to stick around, especially if the two of you continue seeing each other on a regular basis.

Do not let jealousy get between you two. Maybe you hate seeing him talk to other girls, if that is true, you need to realize he is with you and not them. Just because he is talking to another female does not mean he wants to be with them and not you. Maybe he is just friendly and likes to socialize, if that is the case, don’t let it get in the way of your relationship. He is with you for a reason and is not interested in dating anyone else at the moment. So if you don’t want that to change, continue doing what you’re doing and keep any jealousy locked up inside.

Avoid fighting as much as you can. Arguments are bound to happen in any relationship. Whether you are arguing over a certain topic with your best friend or are bickering about what restaurant to go to with your man. Unless you enjoy getting into fights, the best thing you need to do is agree to disagree. You and your man are not always going to agree on the same things. Maybe he likes a certain type of food and you hate it, you do not want to tell him you despise his choice. Being in a successful relationship is all about getting along with one another. You need to learn how to enjoy the things he likes doing and he needs to learn how to enjoy what you like doing.

Being spontaneous is a sure way to get into the heart of a man. In the early stages of a relationship you really want to keep the man of your dreams on his toes. If he doesn’t know what to expect from you need, you’re going to keep his interest. Take the initiative to plan some dates and then surprise him. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. An unexpected picnic under the stars or maybe a jog through the hills near your home is enough. The key is to do things that he wouldn’t expect you to do. If you can manage that, he’ll start to see you as a mystery that he’ll want to discover more about.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that being honest and genuine is a must when you’re trying to capture the heart of a man. Show him the real you, flaws and all. As much as we think men want a perfect partner, they love those small details about you that aren’t ideal. If he knows the real you right from the beginning, he’ll feel much safer opening himself up to you.

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How to Get a Man to Love You!

Here’s a fun video just for women who want to learn how to get and keep a guy.

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